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Awww :( Your menu bar is covering up the posts :(

Um. My screen resolution is 1152x864 and it looks like that:

It’s really hard for me to guess how it’s going to look on different ones, I’m sorry :<

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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful blog! It's a real pleasure to follow. Thank you so much for your hard work and keep it going!!

I’m really glad you like it, dear, thank you!


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Your Frankenstein gifs!! Do you have the whole thing? Where, how? I need to see him as the Creature again before I implode...

Oh my gosh, none of the gifs here are mine! ^^” This blog is 99% reblogs, you can see the sources while clicking the notes view… I’m so sorry to you all for such confusion…

But, talking about Frankenstein, I’ve heard that you can find a few clips on YT, I just don’t have the links because unfortunately I’ve lost them :( But maybe any of the followers here have them? :)

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I had no idea doctor who and benedict actually SAVED your life. I hope you meet him one day, I truly do <3.

Yes, it’s true and I’m glad for that :) Thank you, darling <3

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How did Benedict save your life?

Oh, I remember receiving this question like three-four times on my previous blog :)

Before joining Tumblr I was suffering from chronic depression states, I’ve been cutting myself, trying to commit suicide a few times, been taking psychotropes. But it all started changing once I came here and discovered Doctor Who, then Sherlock and Benedict. He had me right from the beginning, that kind of “love from the first sight”, you know? I’ve started watching his filmography, reading/watching interviews with him, scrolling through all these photos and I was slowly getting better. Now it’s almost a year (the anniversary is on the 13th August) and I don’t self-harm anymore, I don’t need my psychotropes anymore, because every time I’m feeling bad I just start thinking about him and it all gets better. He’s my hero, he helps me to keep going. And I wish that someday I’ll meet him and tell him just a simple “thank you” :’)

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Love your blog! Beautiful photos of Benedict, truly!

I’m so glad you like it <3

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I didn't know you were Polish! How cool is that, owner of a popular BC blog is from my country... Pozdrawiam :)

Ahh, pozdrawiam! :D I’m so flattered, it’s nice to meet you, haha :D

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hi, i live in Vienna and my great dream is to go to london once. as a really big fan of benedict, i would like to meet him there, if i'm very lucky, i mean :D i wanted to ask you if you are from london/britain and may know where he does hang out or so. would be really cool, thanks! :)

Unfortunately I’m from Poland (but I have a family in Vienna :D), so I have no idea where he could possibly hang out. Well, to be honest I can bet that even people from London can’t tell that ^^”

From what I know, he should be in New Orleans soon for “Twelve Years a Slave” filming. 

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My askbox tends to behave a little bit rubbish from some time, but I finally managed to collect your messages to answer :)

corneliapornelia: Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! :)

coughandtwitch: I feel the same way and I really wish I could see that play *sigh*

ladyavenal: Awww, thank you, darling~ <3

sherlock-inc: Of course, check out that blog, fellow Sherlockians :)

Also, I’ve got a little announcement. This blog reached 1025 followers!

I’m really happy to have you back, it means a lot to me :) Thank you <3

Now, back to the regular blogging ;) Have a nice day/evening, wherever you are~! <3