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Normally this blog is working 24h/7 days in a week, but tonight my health state didn’t afford me to make a queue, so expect new posts in about 12 hours, because I really need to lay down right now. Hope you’ll forgive me that, my sweethearts…

Love you all, Sarah.

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This blog is on queue 24/7 (two posts per hour), but apparently something happend and the queue doesn’t want to publish anything… I really hope it’ll be fixed soon *shakes fist at Tumblr*… Anyway, please don’t be mad if there won’t be any posts in next few hours :(

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Yes, that’s right, I’ve made this backup blog for benedictcumberbatchporn since the twats from Tumblr staff suspended it because of the masterpost.

But now I’m back, I didn’t die! This time the URL is not “benedictcumberbatchporn”, but “benedictcumberbatchdaily”. Hope you really don’t mind, it’s exactly the same blog, I give you my word. I’ve even made better blog menu for you :)

So, if you’ve been following benedictcumberbatchporn, go and follow benedictcumberbatchdaily <3 I would gladly appreciate if you reblog this post to spread the information :)